DTR- The Land of the North

In the beginning

There was an idea.

I’m not sure where the idea for DTR came from, but NOW it’s fairly settled.

The idea is a very old world, where all the big old things have been killed off already and the whole world (as they know it on DTR itself) is tamed and known. A sort-of Britain to regular D&D’s US.

There’s some mountains, but the north (where Udeyin, the main continent is) is mostly gentle rolling hills until you hit the very edge, where SUDDENLY, CLIFFS, THOUSANDS OF THEM. It’s a lot like Britain’s geography, crossed with some warm Mediterranean weather. It’s a sweet-ass place to live, basically.

To the south of Udeyin is dry and flat Sonaaq, which plays the Wild West to Udeyin’s settled place. It’s very much flat plains and mesas and almost-but-not-quite deserty things. It’s much warmer, and greenery is much more sparse. No sweeping green fields there.

To the east of both Udeyin and Sonaaq is Koki’o, the Foreign Sort Of Islands. It’s a lush, tropical place- a bit Hawaii, a bit Amazon, that is completely fascist. Mostly because it’s cool. v(._.)v

In the seas/oceans around the continent are a number of fiefdoms, ruled by powerful Sea Things- yes, that is their name- a race of half-humanoid, half-sea creature people who live so long as to be called immortal.

To the far north, past the Known Countries (UDN, SON, and ISLA) is a massive landmass known only as the Unknown Countries. There’s god know what up there, but near the beaches are massive, ancient forests, so huge and so thick, entire societies have never known the sunlight.

And that’s pretty much it.



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